What is Connected Senior Care Advantage?

Connected Senior Care Advantage (CSCA) by Austin Regional Clinic (ARC), Premier Family Physicians (PFP), and Capital Medical Clinic (Capital Medical) work in partnership with the health plans listed below. Our care delivery model is built on the premise that, through stronger connections between patients and primary care physicians; between health plans and those caring for patients; and between doctors who treat the whole person and those who specialize in a specific procedure or condition, care can be transformed.

  • Aetna Medicare Plus PPO Plan, H3288-022 in 2020 
  • Aetna Medicare Choice PPO Plan, H3288-004 in 2020
  • Aetna Medicare Premier Plan (HMO), H4523-001
  • Humana GoldPlus HMO, H0028-037
  • HumanaChoice PPO, R4182-004
  • WellCare HMO
  • WellCare PPO

The program started on January 1, 2019, all patients who are enrolled with the health plan products listed above and who have ARC, PFP, or Capital Medical PCP’s are automatically enrolled in CSCA. These Medicare Advantage patients will work closely with their PCP, care team and specialist physicians to prevent, anticipate, and manage health issues to maintain their best health.

CSCA is not a new Medicare Advantage plan, rather, it is a new approach to care delivery which focuses on preventative care, care coordination and other resources as needed. The PCP’s at ARC, PFP, and Capital Medical are committed to supporting these patients in reaching their health and wellness goals.

We encourage our CSCA patients to complete an annual wellness visit with their PCP. This comprehensive, individualized assessment provides annual goals and targets that will help to improve health and wellness. It is also a pathway for our patients to commit to specialized programs designed for those in need of more focused care.

Patient Services Offered

  • annual Medicare Wellness Visit
  • cancer screenings and preventive care visits
  • coordinated care with other health professionals and services
  • referrals to other specialists and health professionals
  • hospital transitions service
  • patient outreach about upcoming or needed appointments
  • team support for chronic conditions

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