Partnering with Network Providers

Enhanced collaboration and coordination

The Connected Senior Care Advantage Program is supported by the CSCA Network of providers.

Starting January 1, 2020, all Connected Senior Care Advantage Medicare Advantage (MA) patients who are enrolled in one of the health plan products listed below and have an Austin Regional Clinic, Premier Family Physicians or Capital Medical Clinic primary care physicians are automatically enrolled with Connected Senior Care Advantage. Our Medicare Advantage patients will work closely with their primary care phsyician, care team and specialist physicians to prevent, anticipate and manage health issues to maintain their best health.

  • Aetna Medicare Plus Plan (PPO), H3288-022
  • Aetna Medicare Choice Plan (PPO), H3288-004
  • Aetna Medicare Premier Plan (HMO), H4523-001
  • Humana GoldPlus (HMO), H0028-037
  • Humana Choice (PPO), H0473-001
  • HumanaChoice (PPO) H5216-128
  • HumanaChoice Regional (PPO), R4182-004
  • Humana Choice Austin (LPPO), H0473-003
  • WellCare Texan Plus Classic HMO, H0174002000
  • WellCare Prime (PPO), H7323-001-000

Please find WellCare sample member Plan ID cards below

Remember, 2020 claims submissions for Connected Senior Care Advantage WellCare Texan Plus and WellCare Prime PPO members should be submitted to Connected Senior Care Advantage. Additionally, Referrals/Authorization requests and Population Health Management (PHM) will also be handled through Connected Senior Care Advantage.


Please find Humana sample member Plan ID cards below.

Please note that claims should be filed directly to Humana until further notice; delegation to Connected Senior Care Advantage for Authorization and Population Health Management for Humana members will begin in the future.


Please find Aetna sample member Plan ID cards below.

Please note that claims should be filed directly to Aetna until further notice. Further delegations for Aetna will be announced as they transpire.