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The Connected Senior Care Advantage program provides a higher level of coordination, communication, transparency and physician control.

Physicians and other providers across America understand that our national healthcare marketplace is moving from fee-for-service to a value-based model. As a progressive, independent entity, we believe that Connected Senior Care Advantage (CSCA) should be at the forefront in the Austin area of those trends. CSCA brings new, better ways for independent physicians to practice. As such, Austin Regional Clinic (ARC), Premier Family Physicians (PFP), Capital Medical Clinic (CMC), South Austin Medical Clinic (SAMC) and Adult Care of Austin (ACA – Dr. Dobberfuhl) are transforming population health management. As a result, we have implemented an innovative hospitalist model and technology to ensure identification of care gaps to our patients.

We are proud to announce the Connected Senior Care Advantage model. CSCA is an advanced population health model that will provide high quality, more efficient care for our Medicare Advantage patients by working with participating health plans. The model began January 1, 2019, and transfers operational responsibility to us for many functions historically provided by health plans.

CSCA has claims payments, network, UM, credentialing, and other administrative functions delegated for our WellCare Medicare Advantage members. This requires us to contract a provider network in the greater Austin area, which includes network hospitals, physicians and other practitioners, as well as ancillary providers. Referral coordination, utilization and population health management may be performed for Medicare Advantage patients by the CSCA team. Our population health management model allows physicians to have the data and transparency around cost and quality of care that historically resided with the health plans.

As a result, our vision to deliver evidence-based medicine, for the care we provide, but also the care we recommend for patients, will finally be realized.


Enhanced Collaboration with Specialists is Critical

The comprehensive nature of the CSCA model, supported by specialized information technology and operating processes, will provide greater communication and coordination between primary care physicians and specialists than ever before. CSCA physicians will have increased visibility and access to quantitative quality and cost metrics.

The combination of a team-based approach (with care managers, nurses, social workers, and physicians), along with the tools, data and technology to manage risk, results in patients receiving consistent, high-quality medical care from all physicians caring for them.

The physicians of ARC, PFP, CMC, SAMC and Dr. Dobberfuhl believe that we can enjoy the practice of medicine and deliver the best coordinated care for our patients by bringing innovation to the healthcare delivery system. The CSCA model will enable us, together, to deliver the best, evidence-based care with more current data and analysis than ever before.


CSCA believes that we can enjoy the practice of medicine and deliver the best coordinated care for our patients by bringing innovation to the healthcare delivery system.

How it works.

• CSCA care management and disease management programs will be woven further into the medical care provided by ARC, PFP, CMC, SAMC and Dr. Dobberfuhl and the consulting specialists, where appropriate

• Network provider contracting and credentialing will be performed under this model.

• Population health management will be coordinated through Connected Senior Care Advantage for WellCare patients during 2020. Specialists should work closely with ARC, PFP, CMC, SAMC and Dr. Dobberfuhl for the notification of members needing PHM services.

• Connected Senior Care Advantage will also process and pay claims for 2021 healthcare services provided to patients under the WellCare HMO and PPO products, thereby allowing for quality and cost transparency to better serve our patient population. 

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